Lace Wigs

Use CAUTION when bleaching as HD lace is thin and delicate,
if not done correctly will cause over processing and shedding of unit. We recommend using 10- 20 vol. developer not applying bleach longer than 5-10min max! Knots will bleach very quickly keep a close eye to avoid over processing.

Before you begin washing the HD lace wigs, make sure all glue residues have been removed.
Use a comb designed for wig and a wide-tooth comb to brush curly hair. Gently brush hairs from the bottom to minimize shedding.

Use lukewarm or cold water to shampoo your HD lace wig. We recommend using Aussie Total Miracle shampoo and conditioner. Apply the hair conditioner and remember not to add conditioner on the root of the wig. Leave it 3-4 minutes and continue rinsing with water.
Pat dry the wig with a clean towel. Put your wig on a stand or mannequin head and let the hair air dry.                                               

Bed Time Care

 Before going to bed, braid your hair into one loose large braid and wear a satin scarf or bonnet.
After waking up, undo braid and comb using a wide tooth comb (or paddle brush)through beginning at the ends and working your way up to roots.
Style as needed

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